Internal polling provided by the Rounds for Senate campaign says former Republican Gov. Mike Rounds maintains an 18-point lead over his closest challenger.

The Rounds campaign did not provide Northern Plains News with actual poll numbers or cross tabulations but a summary of the results 39 days out from the election from Rounds’ longtime pollster.

The memo went to key Rounds supporters Saturday.

The memo also says independent candidate Larry Pressler's numbers are unchanged over previous internal polling. Pressler is a three term Republican U.S. Senator who was defeated by retiring Democratic U.S. Senator Tim Johnson in 1996.

“Although his stance ‘on the issues’ is still relatively unknown,” writes Rounds campaign manager Rob Skjonsberg. “Weiland and Pressler are duking it out for second place.”

Skjonsberg also writes that Pressler and Weiland share many of the same fiscal and social positions.

“As a result, it remains a close 2-3 matchup,” Skjonsberg wrote. “The policy contrast between Mike and the competition will be come clearer as we head into the final stretch.”

Skjonsberg also noted that “there isn’t another state in the union where Barack Obama is more unpopular.” “Endorsing, supporting and in some cases — proposing to expand Obama’s policies is toxic in South Dakota.”

The memo also says that the campaign is “in good shape considering the 2:1 attack ads that we have been running against.”

The memo also had links to three new campaign ads Rounds will run in the in the coming days and weeks.

While positive in tone, Skjonsberg warned supporters against complacency.

“Clearly, the race can tighten,” Skjonsberg wrote. “We play ‘til the whistle.”

Monday afternoon, Northern Plains News will release the results of the most recent Nielson Brother’s Polling poll on the U.S. Senate race and the EB-5 scandal. Subsequent days will see the release of polls on the U.S. House and South Dakota governor’s race, the minimum wage initiated measure, support for the Keystone XL pipeline in South Dakota and other issues.