Brett Favre is going to be inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame tomorrow. 

It's finally going to happen and I couldn't be more happier that the Packers are honoring Favre. I wish I could be in Green Bay Saturday and watch Favre be enshrined into the Packers Hall of Fame.

I became a Packers fan because of my dad and from there, he helped me fall in love with the team and Favre.

I loved watching Favre.

I was a year old when the Packers traded for Favre on February 10, 1992. Then five years later, on my sixth birthday, Favre helped lead the Packers to third Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots in New Orleans. It was one of the best birthday presents ever.

There were a lot of fun times I had watching Brett in green and gold with my dad. And a few stick out to me. I'll never forget watching Favre throw four touchdowns on Monday Night Football the day after his dad passed away. Or when he threw a pass to Antonio Freeman, where Freeman somehow caught the ball and then ran it in for a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football in overtime. It's the Monday Night Football miracle.

I'm thankful as a Packers fan that Ron Wolf made the trade for Favre and helped bring back the Packers franchise.

Favre was a gutsy player. He made a lot of amazing throws and some bad ones that resulted in interceptions. But it showed that Favre was never afraid to make a throw, either.

He was an accurate passer. He had a career 62.0 passing percentage. He could throw the ball in the tightest of windows.

He was football's 'Iron Man,' too. I always knew when Favre stepped out of the tunnel and on to the field, the Packers had a chance to win. He was a competitor. He always loved to have fun.

While Favre wasn't always a Packer, I've never stopped loving him. I just loved him a little less when he wore those dreaded purple colors. I went to Packers training camp in 2008, which is the year they traded him to New York Jets. I was pretty disappointed because I thought maybe I was going to see him one last time. But its all worked out with Aaron Rodgers.

Tomorrow, Packers fans get to watch him make another memory with the team. I can't wait. It's going to sweet.