Do you remember that big scandal back in 2009 having to do with Sean Payton, the coach of the New Orleans Saints, and alleged bounties being paid to “Take Players Out of the Game”.

Vikings quarterback, Brett Favre, was probably the most famous target in that scandal. I remember that NFC Championship game very well. You know the one, where Favre too a number of suspect hits from the New Orleans Saints players. Rumor was that there was a $35K bounty on Favre's head.

After this you would think that Sean Payton would be the last person Favre would want to hear from. But according to ESPN Coach Payton texted Brett before Monday nights game agains the Seattle Seahawks looking for help in handling the noise at the Superdome.

Lisa Salters of ESPN reported that:

 "Favre shared with Payton that the Vikings had designer noise reduction ear plugs custom made for that game and Favre said it really helped.  So, Payton ordered up 20 of those ear plugs."  Salters said the players were fitted Tuesday, the ear plugs arrived on Friday, and they practiced a couple days with them with crowd noise being piped in.

Favre has said before that he really doesn't care that he was targeted during the bounty scandal.  By the way the Saints lost to the Seahawks 7-34.  But, it shows you what a classy guy Brett Favre really is, doesn't it?