This past weekend was long overdue, but it finally came to fruition and it was worth the wait.

As Favre walked into Lambeau Field for the first time in 5 years, he said it "was like he never left"

The events on Saturday were for honoring Favre for his work for the Packers over that illustrious career.  Finally giving him his spot in the Packers Hall of Fame and retiring his No. 4 jersey for good.

We all know about the messy breakup between the Packers and their once beloved signal caller, but we all know time heals most wounds.

Even wounds that saw Farve play for two other teams after his Green Bay departure including the division foe being the Minnesota Vikings.

The tickets for the event sold out in a hour and a half and Favre reacted to Ed Werder of ESPN calling that feat as meaningful as the Hall of Fame honor.

His merchandise was back on the shelves in mass form and sold like he was starting again for the Packers this year.

For many Packers fans they would've preferred a more gentile separation while Farve would most likely agree, he was very contrite when talking about the past, “All my dreams have come true and then some.”