Buddy Hield's tournament performance has been outstanding but what does it mean for his draft stock?

There have been a lot of analysts that think Hield will not be as good in the NBA compared to others in the draft because of his age and the way he plays.

The argument for Hield going number one is more serious if Oklahoma goes on to win the National Championship but I think Hield should be in consideration already.

Hield will be a very good player in the NBA, let's get that straight. The way he plays the game is already similar to the way the NBA is currently played.

He is mostly a jump shooter from three point range and mid range. Which is nice because he's going to be an undersized shooting guard in the league and he can score without having to go into the lane with the bigs.

Analysts have said his quickness is an issue but his step back is good and he raises up well enough to get separation on defenders.

His three point stroke is effortless and smooth even from 30 feet out and resembles Steph Curry's easy shooting motion. Not to mention that he shoots 46% from behind the line.

His defense is suspect at times but that isn't so concerning. Let's be realistic, defense is a secondary focus for most players in the NBA. However, this is an area that he will need to improve upon when he makes the transition.

The ceiling argument is valid but at age 22, he has proven that he is willing to work and get better. He has already improved his handles and driving ability from year to year.

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