There's been a lot of talk regarding a billboard that might be real or fake regarding the Spurs and Heat NBA Finals matchup. The "billboard" reads "Built vs. Bought" in terms of hyping up the rematch.

Regardless of whether the billboard is real or not, the idea regarding the built vs. bought notion is one in sports that rather drives me crazy.

Think of it this way. You want to go from Roosevelt High School to Lincoln High School in Sioux Falls. You can take a variety of different routes to get there. 41st street all the way down, Interstate 29 to 229, 57th to Cliff. It just depends on how the traffic is that day, or how your personal preference is.

The San Antonio Spurs built through the NBA Draft and their development system. The Miami Heat built their team through free agency. Regardless of how, they both are playing for an NBA Championship.

Is one truly right or wrong? No way. If it was, there wouldn't be a free agency period. Same can be said for Major League Baseball. The New York Yankees are continuously hated for bringing in older players that they pay a ton of money to.

Just as a reminder, the Yankees have only won a single World Series in the last 10 years. That money has certainly bought one every year.

I understand that the Miami Heat are the "bad guys" heading into this NBA Finals matchup, but it's only for the reason that the Heat has the best player in the entire league and he left a dumpster fire in Cleveland to go win championships. Thus the Heat "bought their team."

You'd leave for a better job also in your career.  If you had a part-time job position and a full-time offer on the table elsewhere, are you also sticking around because the development makes the reward much better? I'd be willing to bet that you'd take that full-time position. But if someone else does it, it's the most despicable thing in the entire world.

As for the Spurs, they built their team within the draft. Apparently this is just the "right way" to do so. I applaud the Spurs and their talented scouting team to build a team that way to where they didn't need to spend the money in free agency. It works for them, and it has them at the same place as the Heat.

Same destination and goal. The only difference was the method to get there.

Just funny how one is looked at more highly than another with both options being available for every team.