Today's top sports stories:

Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith, the rumored big prize leading up to Wednesday's trade deadline, will remain a Hawk, for now at least. He's a free agent at the end of the season. [AJC]

Along with Josh Smith not getting traded, not much else happened at the deadline. The biggest name to move teams is probably J.J. Redick. The Houston Rockets got Thomas Robinson, so there's that too. [Fox Sports]

Tim Tebow canceled an appearance at the First Baptist Church in Dallas. Tebow did not explain the specifics of his decision, but it's likely something to do with the church's pastor, Robert Jeffress, who has publicly spoken of some rather controversial social views. [Yahoo]

The San Francisco 49ers replaced Alex Smith with Colin Kaepernick midway through the season, then Kaepernick led them to the Super Bowl. The Niners are likely to stick with Kaepernick next season, so now Smith is looking for a new starting gig. Maybe Arizona? [S.I.]

And in Pasadena, California, the cheerleading coach at a high school encouraged her squad members to physically fight each other in order to resolve their difference. So, of course, the girls did. Then they pinky-swore not to tell anyone about it. Which totally worked. [GuySpeed]