Today's top sports stories:

Among the various techniques for making choices for your NCAA Tournament office pool, some aren't very helpful—which mascot would win in a fight, which team has cooler uniforms, etc.—while one, in particular, is very useful: go with what Las Vegas says. [Las Vegas Sun]

If you need a printable NCAA bracket, here's one. [GuySpeed]

Ever heard of Ruth Ann Steinhagen? Maybe not, but you probably know who she is, at least if you've ever seen or read 'The Natural.' In 1949 Steinhagen lured Chicago Cubs first baseman Eddie Waitkus to a hotel room, then shot him, which later inspired author Bernard Malamud to write a novel with that very same event. Robert Redford went on to play the ballplayer, called Roy Hobbs, in the 1984 film adaptation that is much beloved by baseball fans. [S.I.]

Wondering just how in the world the Netherlands made it this far in the World Baseball Classic? The answer likely starts with former Atlanta Braves center-fielder Andruw Jones. [ESPN]

Trying to steal the ball is just good defense in basketball—unless, of course, you're not actually a player in that game but rather the coach of the team without the ball. Then you're not allowed to steal the ball. Bad coach! [Deadspin]