Today's biggest sports news: everyone's favorite topic, PED usage in sports, is back again, plus a Manti Te'o update and a brutal moment from this year's X Games.

At the Super Bowl media day, Ravens linebacker and future Hall of Famer Ray Lewis denied using performance-enhancing drugs to speed his recovery from a torn triceps earlier this season. The PED was in something called "deer antler velvet spray." [USA Today]

A health clinic in South Florida may have provided numerous major-league stars, including Alex Rodgriguez and Gio Gonzales, with performance-enhancing drugs as recently as last season. Both players reject these claims, though several other players named have already received suspensions from MLB. [Miami New Times]

Early in the shortened NHL season, two teams remain undefeated and untied: the Chicago Blackhawks and the San Jose Sharks. What's more likely, that they'll both remain undefeated through all 48 games, or that those arbitrary "power rankings" that appear everywhere now will ever actually mean something? [S.I.]

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly didn't think the whole finding-out-his-dead-girlfriend-was-all-just-a-hoax thing would affect Manti Te'o's performance in the BCS Championship Game. We watched the game; we think it did. [Chicago Tribune]

Snowmobiler Caleb Moore is in critical condition after a brutal crash during the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado, last week. [GuySpeed]