You know, it's been a good while since we've shown Cammy White any love. Thankfully, we've come across this awesome cosplay that showcases her green outfit.

Cammy is the leggy, high-flying scrapper from the Street Fighter series who's armed with two powerful legs and braided pigtails. Whether she's got you in a Hooligan Combo or she's Drill Kicking the hell out of your ankles, you can't be too mad about getting your ass handed to you by a pretty blonde bombshell.

This is Crystal Graziano with Cammy's green costume. It's always interesting to see how different cosplayers recreate Cammy's leg markings, but Crystal's seem to be less haphazardly-applied than most cosplayers' we've seen. That skin-tight outfit probably isn't very comfortable to wear, so she gets even more brownie points from us for being brave enough to rock the suit.

Check out all of her great cosplay, which includes awesome Metal Gear-inspired outfits, on her deviantART. Let us know in the comments what you think of her work.

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Mike Rollerson
Mike Rollerson
Mike Rollerson
Sebastion Jespersen

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