The college rape expose The Hunting Ground documentary is a chilling account of women who were raped on campuses. It details those violent events, the lives of the victims, and the lack of punishment for the rapists from college authorities and the legal system.

Notre Dame, University of North Carolina, Florida State University, Dartmouth, and a host of other well known schools are shown to protect the school's reputation first and not assisting alleged victims at all.

Campus rape was denied as happening by school presidents and others in authority.  Notre Dame - allegedly - has an elaborate system in place preventing legal authorities from even talking to student athletes who may have been involved in campus rapes.

Some fraternity organizations, including the now infamous Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) are named. A video of male students surrounding a female dorm and chanting "No means Yes, and Yes means Anal," was enraging and frightening.

A Heisman trophy winner from Florida State University is accused of rape, but never charged.

The women who came forward to accuse were ridiculed by fellow students and had their morals questioned by school and legal authorities. At least one young woman couldn't stand the abuse and committed suicide.

Others have come together to detail the problem, filed Title IX complaints with the federal government, and are speaking up at news conferences and at campus rallies.

Monday, March 23, authorities are releasing a report of an alleged gang rape in a fraternity house at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

Here is the website for the film.

This was a very difficult film to watch. I found myself getting angry at those who would protect the school first at the cost of the rights of the victims.

My mind went back to the last South Dakota legislative session when members of the House State Affairs Committee voted to stop the work of a task force set up to deal with the rape of children. My anger with their actions came to the surface again. South Dakota is a pretty good place, but it is not immune from violence and rape on our college and university campuses.

I hope you will access The Hunting Ground Film website listed above. There are ways for you to get a screening of this documentary. I hope the Board of Regents will make it a priority for all college leadership to watch. Included in that hope is all private college and university presidents will to the same.

The Hunting Ground, was shown Sunday Night as part of the Cinema Falls Film Series.