When you start a season 0-9 there is reason for concern and when no team that has started 0-7 has ever made the playoffs, it becomes real concerning.

The Minnesota Twins did exactly that, started the season 0-9 but since that ninth loss of the season at the hands of the Chicago White Sox, the tides have certainly turned in the Twins direction.

Over the last three days the Twins dismantled the LA Angels winning all three games and sweeping LA at Target Field.

Now the Twins still sit five games out of first place in the AL Central, but with both Kansas City and Chicago sitting with two game losing streaks, the time would be now to change that momentum in the Twins favor and carry that throughout the season.

Will the Twins do that and re-emerge as the sexy pick by many to compete for the playoffs this year? Time will tell there, but what Twins fans are excited about over the last three days is that their team is showing life after starting off horribly.

Pitching is going to have to continue to be more consistent, the bats are going to really have to start to get going and maybe something that is as important as anything but out of the control of the Twins is purely just getting some good luck.

It seemed like the first nine games were filled with bad luck and hopefully for Twins fans sake all that bad luck will subside for a while and the Twins will push towards their ultimate goals set forth prior to the season and those goals include making the playoffs.

So to answer my own question, can the Twins turn this season around?

Absolutely, but some of the things that brought them down in that nine game losing streak like in opportune errors, lapses on the mound and inconsistencies need to change and be somewhat eliminated in order to accomplish the task of turning this season around.

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