One of my favorite players growing up was the man of 1,000 nicknames and dunks. Shaquille O'Neal, or Shaq, is celebrating his 42nd birthday today and in celebration of the Diesel's day, I've decided to look back at some of my favorite Shaq moments.

Shaq Dunks on Grant Hill
I had to throw in a moment from Shaq's career in college. The Big Aristotle, off a breakaway, throws down a monster jam and ends up on top of Grant Hill. Just earth shattering from Shaq Daddy.

Shaq Brings Down the Backboard
In his rookie season with the Orlando Magic, The Big Shamrock made the backboard beg for mercy after a dunk. The backboard decided to just collapse.

Shaq Gets His First Ring
Now, I admit, I'm not a Lakers fan. I did enjoy in my younger years watching Shaq and Kobe play together though. In the 2000 season, The Real Deal won his first of four rings after the Lakers defeated the Pacers in six games.

Shaq is Ready to Rap after Second Ring
The Lakers just won back-to-back titles. Can you dig it? In celebration, The Big Shaqtus rapped to the song "It Takes Two." Oh, and if anything this video is made 100x better by Mark Madsen dancing.

Admit it, you want a remake of the ever popular video game Shaq-Fu. Okay, maybe you don't. It wasn't that great gameplay wise but the idea of being Superman in a video game sounds like a brilliant idea.

The Best of the Best - Shaq Jams Out
I still can't stop laughing over this. On Inside the NBA on TNT, the crew and The Big Conductor attempted to make Charles join in on their musical jam. It didn't work, but it did give us Shaq playing the drums.

Happy Birthday to the Real Deal Shaquille O'Neal

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