Captain Scarlett is one of the downloadable content characters available to players of Borderlands 2 and now she's our Cosplay of the Day. She's got an eyepatch, a hook for a hand, but still manages to look pretty darn attractive. I guess when it comes to living on Pandora, the bold and the beautiful get all of the booty.

We love seeing our favorite characters get cosplayed, but one of our most recent beloved characters has finally gotten a pretty awesome cosplay treatment. Captain Scarlett may be a devious person, being a pirate, but she also has a penchant for telling the truth, which works against her at times. But the life of a pirate is full of double crosses and dirty dealings, which are probably only worse on Pandora.

Stella Chuu, one of our favorite cosplayers and part of our 25 Hottest Cosplay Girls list, is all decked out in the Captain's regalia, even sporting an eyepatch to complete the look. We'd happily head to Wurmwater to help this pirate get her booty and plunder all kinds of treasure while dodging attacks from sand worms and such.

Check her stuff out on her deviantART page and let us know how you like her Scarlett outfit.

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Anna Fischer

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