Nobody was surprised to hear that Carmelo Anthony has decided to opt out of his contract with the New York Knicks. By doing so, Anthony now has the option to go anywhere he wants in Free Agency this offseason.

This specifically doesn't mean that Anthony won't be in a Knicks uniform next year. However, all considered why would he go back? It's been said that he is comfortable in New York, and the Syracuse graduate has plenty of family in the area. According to ESPN, Anthony could take a five year $129 million deal. Problem with that? Those five years probably won't come with a title.

He's given 12 years of service to the NBA between Denver and New York. In that time, Anthony has appeared in the playoffs ten times and went beyond the first round only two times. The closest that he has been to the NBA Finals was in 2009 with Denver when they lost to the Las Angeles Lakers in six games in the Western Conference Finals.

What more does the guy need? He needs a title. When weighing options, the New York Knicks don't seem like the opportunity to do so. They are on a long-term building project with Phil Jackson in the control booth, and Derek Fisher as Jackson's robot. This is the best time for Melo to leave.

Most of the fingers at this point are being pointed at Chicago or Houston as great landing spots for Anthony. I do like the idea of both, but I think Anthony would be better suited with the Bulls.

The main reason I like the idea of the Bulls is the structure of the team. With Derrick Rose (presumably) returning from another injury, he will want another offensive option to help take the pressure off of him. We all know that Carmelo is an offensive player. Defensively, the Bulls are led with Joakim Noah, who alone can account for Anthony's lack of defense. Anthony would have the opportunity to essentially turn into the "leader" of the squad with Rose taking an actual point guard role.

Rose won't be able to do it all on his own, and having a combination of him, Anthony, and Noah could be another three to watch for. Not to mention, if he goes to Chicago over Houston or even Dallas, Anthony would stay in the Eastern Conference which may give him a better shot to get to the finals.

We'll really get a feel for Anthony this offseason. It's it about comfort and money, or the chance to win a title? If it's truly the 2nd option, Chicago would be a nice landing place for him.