Carra Brooks is a 25-year-old model from Miami. Carra got her start at Hooters, the chain restaurant that specializes in beer, chicken wings and girls who are about to become models.

Carra was featured on Spike TV's gripping documentary about Hooters' 'Snow Angels.' She has also been seen in several Hooters' calendars, Hooters' playing card decks and the Miss Hooters pageant. When the producers of the Jason Segel film 'Jeff, Who Lives At Home' needed a Hooters girl, they cast Carra Brooks.

Carra Brooks is currently pursuing modeling and acting opportunities that do not involve Hooters. Troubling as it may seem, there are movies, calendars and pageants that do not involve restaurants which employ beautiful, buxom women serving up deep-fried food by the wheelbarrow-full.

Height: 5’10” | Weight: 125 lbs. | Bust: 34C” | Waist: 26” | Hips: 36"