I don't know about your wallet, but mine was so full of various membership cards, fuel cards, credit cards, and other assorted stuff that there certainly wasn't room for my hunting license. I kept it in a separate plastic card holder I got up in Redfield pheasant hunting one year. With all the stuff you end up taking with you hunting, usually too much, your license is one you don't have to worry about anymore, so long as you remember your phone.

The South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks announced today that you can now carry a digital copy of your small game, fishing or trapping license with you. Paper copies are still valid, but the digital version is now officially recognized as a bar code that can be scanned is now on the license.

Keep this in mind, it is not valid to have a digital copy of any other type of license with you. For instance your deer tags or waterfowl stamps are not eligible for a digital copy. You must still carry those physical copies with you at all times while hunting.

I'm so glad this is finally a viable option. I would prefer to see it integrated into the wonderful SDGFP Outdoors app for Android and iPhone, but they are both still on my phone and I don't have to carry my small game license and the hunting atlas at the same time.

To access it log on to your online GFP account, the same place online you go to buy or apply for licenses. After it shows you your account info hit Save and Continue. Click on the option that says "View my Applications/Licenses" and you will be shown the licenses and tags you have. Click the license you want and then save a screenshot on your phone. At least this is the method the GFP is suggesting. I'm sure if you were stopped by a game warden, logging into the website and showing him your barcode would suffice as well. The screenshot saved in your photos or gallery would be a shortcut, that is, If you can find it in your thousands of photos.

Complete instructions are available on the GFP website.