Today's Cosplay of the Day goes back to the days of PlayStation 2 and the rising popularity of Guitar Hero. This franchise would go on to sell so many plastic instruments that LEGO bands would quake with envy. One of the coolest characters was a bassist named after IGN's very own former Editor-in-Chief and current Head of Brand and Community, Casey Lynch (who happens to be a dude)!

According to her bio, this rockin' bassist got in touch with her sexy, feminine side in Guitar Hero 3. A reporter had the gall to ask her if she had sold out by sporting a sleeker, sexier look, so she replied with a roundhouse kick to the face and said, "Don't worry, I'll pay the medical bill."

Here is American cosplayer Hope Smith as the badass bassist, literally rocking the outfit, complete with Casey's "Electric" tattoo that encircles her navel. We would have preferred if she accompanied the game instead of a plastic guitar, but you can't have 'em all, we suppose.

Check out more of her cosplay and modeling work, which range from cute to totally hot, on her deviantART and let us know if this costume rocks your face!

Kuragiman/Sky Pirate