It's easy to say that last year didn't go as well for Sioux Falls Washington as Chad Stadem had hoped for, but heading into this season the coach has revamped the program.

As the team went into the offseason, Stadem knew that he wanted to shake up the program.

"Since the end of last year, things have been going very well. We've made a lot of changes for the positive and we are excited to get going."

Stadem has implemented more into his practices, including more 7 on 7s and a change to the weight room. He says the main difference in his team will be that it will be his system this season.

"It's our team. Last year I continued everything that Washington did in the past, and it wasn't my style or my identity. Physical football is what you're going to get. It won't happen overnight, and it might take some time, but we want to be physical and get into a good position to win."

Offensively, Stadem returns a core of offensive starters but changes have also occurred on that side of the ball.

"I think we are more athletic and we have more threats. Our junior class is very athletic. We're looking to be faster and Jack [Schelhaas] has made big improvements and our receiving core is more athletic as well. We're going to be older...and we aren't playing sophomores [like last year]"

Stadem has a returning group of starters on defense this year, especially in the secondary, and says that his group has more chemistry and is more sound heading into this year.

"I think the DBs and especially the LBs are a lot better in the technique that they are doing and also with the depth that we have. Do we have a Dan Marlette talent? No we don't. But we do have a lot of good kids that are working hard."

Entering the second year of Class 11AAA in South Dakota, Stadem says this year should be highly competitive.

"You have to tip your hat to Roosevelt, they have some talent but they have some holes to fill. We have a brand new system. Then you have Lincoln, who a lot of people are looking over. I think Lincoln will be right there too, and O'Gorman also. Brandon Valley also. Just in the Metro Conference, I don't think there will be one team head and shoulders above the others. Football will be better than it was last year overall."

Washington kicks off the season on Friday night as they travel to Aberdeen Central. For more of the interview with Stadem, listen here.