According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, the Chargers and Joey Bosa have finally reached an agreement on a rookie contract.

Bosa signed a four-year deal worth $25.8 million with a fifth-year team option. He will receive a $17 million signing bonus that is fully guaranteed.

The Chargers and Bosa have had some serious issues with finding common ground on the contract until now. Bosa wanted his guaranteed money during his fourth year if he got cut and signed with a different team (as most players get) but San Diego didn't want to pay him, nor did they want to pay him his signing bonus up front.

This whole thing has at least wasted half of his season if not more. Many GM's around the league have suggested that the season is over for the third pick in the draft as well.

The situation makes the Chargers organization look like a bunch of clowns. Why should the third round pick have to construct his contract differently than the rest of the rookies? Really bad move on the Chargers part, this hurts Bosa as a player but also the production he could of had for the Chargers this season.