Charles Davis (@CFD22) of Fox Sports joins Jeff Thurn on Tuesday’s edition of Overtime.

Davis covers the NFL and college football on Fox, and is an analyst at NFL Network. Hear his FULL interview with Thurn below:

What was Davis' reaction to TMZ releasing the video of Ray Rice striking and knocking his wife, Tanay unconscious?

"Once the video hit, I'm not surprised by anything that follows after it. The only reason Ray Rice made it to this point as a member of the Ravens, was because there was no visual evidence...he dragged her off of the elevator. How did he get in that position? Well maybe she had too much to drink or took a pill she wasn't suppose to take? Maybe she's narcoleptic and she fell asleep? You could come up with a million different things if you choose. Once the video hit, you had nothing left to go with. Now the league is in a total scramble because now the questions are submitted, Jeff..People weren't happy with two games for the most part. They did that comparison. But guess what, football kept going and after awhile there was nothing to do about it and it went to the background for a little bit. Now the video hit and the full outrage goes because you thought he hit in the elevator, but now you know it and the force of brutality of the whole thing...It really disturbs you more. So, put it all together, I'm not surprised. Now everybody is running from high ground. Cut him from the team, terminate his contract, his endorsements are going down, etc. All these things are sinking in now. That's not a surprise. It happens every time something like this goes down. The thing that is probably most out there, Jeff is now, what did you really know? If TMZ had this thing, and the NFL didn't? Really. Doesn't make sense to people. That is the thing that is going to roll out if the league didn't see it before Monday. Jeff, I don't know where you are getting at because I am surprised if people are buying that at face value?"

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