Charlie Saunier joins Jeff Thurn on Thursday’s edition of Overtime.

Saunier (@CrazyCharlie615)  of College Sports Nation discusses Georgia's Todd Gurley, college football and NFL football with Thurn. Hear their conversation below:

Saunier adds his opinion on Gurley and Georgia suspending him indefinitely for an alleged violation for NCAA rules. He is being investigated by the NCAA for possibly accepting money to sign autographs: 

"You mean like Johnny Football, just like last year when he didn't get suspended? Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to bring that up. It's amazing how we get to pick and choose who gets suspended for this particular violation and who doesn't. Of course Terrell Pryor being the most famous at Ohio State for this type of violation. But this is getting ridiculous. This is exactly what they are working towards when it comes to full college scholarships. Paying players, allowing guys to use their own image and likeness. The fact that it is in negotiation and discussion, I am shocked that it came out that the best college football player on the field this year is now suspended indefinitely. Remember when Georgia had the best running back core in the country? Well, now they are down to Brandon Douglas."

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