Chris Childers of Sirius XM joined Jeff Thurn on Thursday's edition of Overtime.Hear his full conversation with Thurn below:

What must LSU do to knock off No. 3 Ole Miss, Saturday?

"Well, it's going to be tough because I'm not really sure how they are going to move the football. I think they (LSU) are going to have some sort of passing attack in this game. You know they played better against and actually played pretty good offensively the week before against Florida. But this (Ole Miss) is a whole other animal. In my opinion, Ole Miss has the best defense in America. They have been so good, so skilled in all three levels. You look up front with Robert Nkemdiche, you look at the middle with guys like D.T. Shackelford, C.J. Johnson coming off the edge, Cody Pruitt is really as good as you are going to find at the safety spot in college football. They are really good and I think LSU needs to prove that they can prove they can be beyond one-dimensional. They have two really good running backs, Terrence McGee and youngster, Leonard Fournette, who has been coming on. Anthony Jennings, they have to be able to keep the Ole Miss defense honest. You have to be able to have some sort of passing attack against that team and I think defensively, LSU has to be the defense they were last week. They have to be able to rise up in a big environment, at home, Saturday night, Tigers Stadium. The crowd I think is going to give them a boost. But can they really elevate it, play solid defense? Because Ole Miss is let's be honest, is a decent offense, they are not great. Bo Wallace has been very smart this year. He hasn't given the football away and I think that's been the biggest difference with that team, but not they are not a great offensive team. They are solid offensively, dominant on defense. They are kind of like Alabama was during the national championship runs. Good enough offensively, but they just dominate you defensively and shut you down on the defensive end. So, that's what LSU is going to take. They have to show some balance, play great defense and I think they need to get after Bo Wallace because through seven games, he's been good enough. I think in this environment, if you can get to him, get loud, kind of screw him up a little bit, make him become bad Bo for a night. I think that what LSU needs to do to win the game."

College GameDay is in Baton Rouge. Game time is 6:15 CDT for the Tigers and Rebels on ESPN.

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