Former Washington Redskins tight end Chris Cooley joins Jeff Thurn on Wednesday’s Edition of Overtime.

Cooley (@thecooleyzone) played nine years in the NFL, and caught 429 passes for 4,711 yards, and 33 touchdowns. Currently, he works for ESPN 980 in Washington D.C.  Hear his conversation with Thurn below:

Cooley explains what he think is going in between Robert Griffin III, Jay Gruden and Daniel Snyder: 

"Oh my gosh. So much, right. Fans in D.C, we just wish we were Green Bay, or New England or that didn't have some sort of drama every single year and that's ultimately what's been a big problem from the team. The quarterback situation, the head coach situation, and the drama created through the media around RGIII and he is capable? Could he play? Should coach stay next year? Almost unbelievable. I actually like Jay Gruden. I do believe that Jay and Robert do have a good relationship at least when they leave the facility. They live two houses apart from each other. I think their families are friends. But what's been created as far as player-coach relationship maybe it isn't as good as it need be. Maybe the reason that Robert hasn't played well, ultimately not playing well and not winning football games, is never fun on anybody. It's been an interesting year and we hope for better here. And the idea after 3-13 and Mike Shanahan left last year, it can't be worst. Well it can be the same because we are right on track for 3-13."

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