Former Washington Redskins tight end Chris Cooley joined Jeff Thurn on Thursday's Edition of Overtime.

Cooley played nine years in the NFL, and caught 429 passes for 4,711 yards, and 33 touchdowns.

Cooley on his Radio Row experience as a radio host:

"This is different for me. I do a show now from 4 to 7 everyday. It's jammed here. Monday and Tuesday was a little slow. Today is jammed. I'm trying to prep for my show. I got to interview guys at four. I got Mike Ditka at four. I have like half a question to ask Ditka because I can't get from table to table. I understand what the week is and it's funny because people that listen to my show say, 'dude, all you have is people pitching things, people interviewing, we just want to hear you breaking down the Super Bowl.' Like, sorry, you have to understand this is Radio Row week."

Cooley on the match-up between the Broncos and Seahawks and what it brings to the fans:

Chris - "I'm assuming you probably have more Broncos fans?"

Jeff - "Yeah"

Chris - "Yeah, I grew up a Broncos fan. I think Denver will win this football game. If I'm betting on someone to win this game, which I don't think I can I do, which I'd like to do because I'm good at picking the spreads, I would bet on Denver to cover the spread. I love what they do offensively. They are unbelievable at protecting Peyton Manning. and more goes into that than Peyton Manning have pocket presence. When you actually watch them on film, they come up with five or six protection schemes that you can't determine based on any set, any group of personnel, any motions, it's a guess whether they are in a five, six or seven man protection and their backs and tight ends are interchangeable from slot-back to up-back to all over the place. They will chip protect, stay in protects. People don't know when to blitz them, when to stay back. I think more than ability for Peyton to call run, pass to advantageous looks, his ability to get them in protections that no one understands combined with the player's knowledge of that offense to interchange, makes it almost impossible to rush the guy and then his ability to go from short to deep to short to all over the field in terms of throwing the ball and hitting guys in the rhythm of the play, makes it incredibly hard to stop. I think if Seattle does it, they will have to sheer tackle all day, it will be a lot on those linebackers like Irvin, Wagner. They are going to play a huge role in this game, more so than corners."


To hear the rest of Jeff's interview with Cooley, listen below: