Chris Webber is one of the reasons I love basketball and the Michigan Wolverines.

When I was a kid the Fab 5 was winning all kinds of games and doing it with a new kind of flash that I had never seen before.

The black socks, the long shorts and all kinds of swag has me locked in every time I could see them play.

Those were the good times for the Fab 5 but since then, all kinds of allegations of improper benefits, a beef amongst basketball brothers and Chris Webber being banned for years from the University he helped reach all kinds of basketball success.

Now it seems like Webber will be making amends with Michigan at least for a day as he committed to be an honorary captain during a Michigan football game this fall.

Coach Harbaugh asked Webber while he was on a radio show a couple of weeks back.

I am very excited about this reunion, but I would still like to see the rest of the Fab 5 make amends with Webber too.

There has been a fracture in their relationship for years stemming from things Webber said about their time at Michigan and those involved.

Jalen Rose and Chris Webber have had a public war or words in a sense lately and I think Webber returning to Michigan is best for everybody involved and it might even bring Rose and Webber back to talking terms.

Grudges are no fun and the Fab 5 was all about the fun and my hope is that fun amongst Michigan icons once again is renewed.


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