Christine Golic joined Wednesday's edition of Overtime Live from Radio Row at the Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona. Christine is Mike Golic's husband. Hear Golic's conversation with Thurn, below:

Golic got involved with ‘Heads Up’. She shares why player safety is important for kids and families: 

"We all know the value of your kids participating in sports. The things they get out of it. It's a character builder. Team camaraderie. A lot of self-confidence. I think we all realize the positives of it, but I got involved in it really because at the youth level, it was kind of the wild, wild west out there. Especially where we lived, there was coaches who had disagreements or whatever and branch off and start their own leagues. Kind of do their own thing. I felt their was no real structure to what kids were taught. You were kind of at mercy of who was coaching you and what they knew. USA football has put this program together basically to give a baseline to what kids should be taught. The fundamentals, how they should be taught what they should learn. So parents and coaches alike, can be confident what they are teaching at the youth level is going to be the same thing they learn at the high school and college level and it's going to make game better because it's going to be uniform on what's being taught."

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