According to a report on ESPN, Cincinnati Reds' pitcher Johnny Cueto is looking at changing his wind-up in order to avoid future injuries.

Cueto told ESPN Deportes:

"I was discussing it with the head trainer, 'Do you think my windup is too strong and that's why I am getting so many muscle injuries?' I have to change my form because I can't keep getting injured, although these things happen in sports. I work a lot over the winter to be hampered by injuries like this during the season."

Cueto went on to tell ESPN Deportes that he feels he can make changes to his delivery even with the season under way, because he has already done something similar.

"I could change it just like that because I started doing it just like that and it went well for me. Let's see what happens. Maybe I just practice it in the Dominican Republic after the season is over."

In the meantime, Cueto said he continues his physical therapy and felt good following a stint with the Reds' Class A Club in Dayton, Ohio.