Folks, seriously, 5 games into the season, I am ready to never hear the words "Class 11AAA".

The separation of Class 11AA to now having Class 11AA and Class 11AAA has been a disaster from the beginning.

Originally, my complaint was from the bottom feeders in 11AA who were just tired of getting trounced by the Sioux Falls Schools.

However, now my complaint is with the overall level of football we are watching each Friday night in Class 11AAA.

For every really bad program in 11AA, there were some solid programs outside Sioux Falls.  Obviously meaning schools like Pierre, Yankton, Brookings and Brandon Valley who already made the move to 11AAA.

But what I'm getting at is this... Right now in 11AAA there are only two teams that seem to be the elite in Sioux Falls Roosevelt and Sioux Falls Lincoln.  Not to mention if Brandon Valley continues to evolve with their offense, they could be in the mix as well.

But see the problem?  The problem is only 3 teams have a shot at the State Championship in 11AAA.  I would contend that Brookings and of course Pierre would be in the mix as well if it were still 11AA as we had known it.

Prime example of how difficult this is to watch, Sioux Falls Washington, a former powerhouse has fallen so far that on Friday Night, the game was over in the first quarter after Brandon Valley had garnered a double digit lead.  At least with Pierre and Brookings and Yankton who just beat Sioux Falls O'Gorman, there would be more intrigue moving forward instead of dreading blowouts.

In my most recent vote in our ESPN 99.1/KeloSports/KBHB High School Football poll for Class 11AAA, I voted LHS #1, RHS #2 & BV #3, while actually writing "No One" in spots 4 and 5.

Hopefully the people that screwed this up get this right and the folks with the SDHSAA realize they have diluted their best football product within the state and the only way to fix it is to eliminate 11AAA after one dumpster fire of a year.