It's the end of the regular season in South Dakota Class AA Boys Basketball, and teams still have the opportunity to make a few moves prior to the start of the district tournaments.

District 1

Roosevelt (15-3) is set as the top seed in District 1 regardless if they beat Lincoln in their final game this season on Thursday night. They will host Brookings (4-14) on March 4th.

O'Gorman (8-11) and Watertown (9-10) will also face each other on March 4th, however the gym is up for grabs this week. If O'Gorman defeats Washington on Tuesday night, O'G locks in the 2nd seed. The only way Watertown can grab the 2nd seed from O'Gorman is if they beat Harrisburg and O'Gorman loses to Washington.

District 2

Washington (11-8) has also locked in the top seed for the District 2 tournament. With no games left in their regular season, Yankton (12-8) is held to 40.65 seed points and has the chance to lose the 2nd seed. Yankton, however, cannot drop any lower than the 3rd seed.

Brandon Valley (11-8) cannot grab the 2nd seed from Yankton. With one game remaining against Aberdeen Central (3-16), Brandon Valley can finish with 40.60 seed points with a win and 40.05 points with a loss. Neither of which can catch Yankton at 40.65.

Lincoln (8-11) has the most to gain this week with a matchup against Roosevelt. If Lincoln is able to pull off the victory against the Rough Riders, they will jump all the way to the 2nd seed (40.80 seed points). If Lincoln loses, they can still avoid the play-in-game in District 2 if Brandon Valley loses. That would give Lincoln the 3rd seed in District 2.

Harrisburg is locked in as the 5th seed and will play March 1st. They will either play Lincoln or Brandon Valley.

Games This Week

2/25: SF Washington @ SF O'Gorman (on ESPN 99.1)
2/25: Watertown @ Harrisburg
2/25: Mitchell @ Brookings
2/25: Aberdeen Central @ Brandon Valley

2/27: SF Roosevelt @ SF Lincoln (on ESPN 99.1)