SIOUX FALLS - The build-up of ice and snow on city sidewalks can be a nuisance, but for some people it’s dangerous and stops them in their tracks.

Carmelia Branco of Sioux Falls is confined to a wheel chair and is homeless. She finds it incredibly difficult to navigate on sidewalks that have not been properly cleared of ice and snow.

“They’ll shovel off when snow first starts but they only shovel to a certain point and hope for Mother Nature to melt the ice. That doesn’t work,” said Branco.

Branco sometimes stays with friends but oftentimes goes back and forth between the Union Gospel Mission and the Salvation Army where she seeks shelter. On Saturday, a Sioux Falls Police Officer saw she was stuck in the snow and gave her a ride.

Branco said the residential areas are the worst but the downtown areas are easier to navigate. “The businesses in the downtown areas make sure their walks are cleared for their customers,” said Branco.

The City of Sioux Falls requires all public sidewalks be cleared of ice and snow within 48 hours after completion of each snow or ice accumulation. Citizens can call the sidewalk snow removal line during normal business hours, or leave a voice message after hours or on weekends to report violations. The sidewalk snow removal number is 367-8171.

“Put some ice melt on there, gee whiz, there’s just too much reliance on Mother Nature and she’s not doing the job,” said Branco.