ESPN 99.1 has your football fix for the weekend. And some baseball too. So don't worry about channel surfing.

It all begins with our local coverage of high school football and Jerry Palleschi's game of the week at Howard Wood Field tonight. Kick off for the Watertown vs Sioux Falls Lincoln game begins at 7:00 PM.

With a college football match-up to follow we take you to the west coast as USC will host the Washington State Cougars.  Undefeated in their first three starts Washington State looks to send Mike Leach and the Trojans to 1-4.

On Saturday, September 22 the Huskers head to the Big House! Nebraska has yet to record a win this season and new head coach Scott Frost look to take down the Michigan State Wolverines. Pregame coverage for Husker Football begins at 10:30 AM.

Turning to baseball its back-to-back games in Cleveland as the Boston Red Sox take on the Indians. The Sox have a just a slight better record on the road to Cleveland's home record. Saturday's game begins at 5:30 PM and Sunday ESPN's coverage begins at 5:00 PM.

Getting back to football how do you top last weekend’s blood pressure buster game when the Packers and Vikings drew a tie? This Sunday, September 23 Green Bay heads to Washington.  Running back Aaron Jones was activated earlier this week. The Packers have won five of the last seven regular-season contests between the two clubs.