As we draw nearer to the launch of the Xbox One, new tidbits about some of the lesser-known features on the console are coming to light. Thanks to some recent livestreams, we now know a bit more about the infamous Achievement indicator.

Microsoft Studios' Twitch channel, you can see the new cheevo notification in action (spotted by
Kotaku right around the 11:15 mark). Not only does it say the name of the player who earned the Achievement, but it also has a spiffy new color. The old grey tones are gone, and have been replaced with a deep sea-ish green. Of course, that color can be changed, too.

As you can see, Xbox's Marc Whitten relates you can pick the color of your Achievement notification. This should make learning which player unlocked a certain cheevo much easier on the Xbox One. Not that it was super-difficult on the 360, but at least now you won't have to squint to see which little green segment lights up on the screen. There are no details yet on what colors are available, but fingers crossed for mauve.