The man accused of killing an elderly Sioux Falls woman in her bed is fighting to keep statements he mad following his arrest from the jury.

James McVay, 43, pled guilty but mentally ill to muder in the 2011 stabbing death of 75-year-old Maybelle Schein. McVay told authorities, as well as a television reporter, that he killed Schein and stole her car as part of an elaborate plan to kill President Barack Obama.

A November 2011 article in the Argus Leader explained more:

After his arrest last summer, McVay told TV reporters in Wisconsin that he broke into Schein’s home and killed her as a plot to kill Obama. McVay also said that during his last two months in prison, spent in disciplinary segregation in Sioux Falls, he had been hallucinating and plotting to kill his way to Washington.

McVay's attorney is arguing that the statements should not be shown to the jury because his client was suffering from psychosis brought on by drug use. The prosecutor argues the statements were voluntary.

More importantly, in the statements McVay denied that his drug-induced psychosis was the cause of the crime.

In addition to talking about killing President Obama, McVay talked about being ready to kill anyone who caught him shoplifting at a Sioux Falls Walmart, wanting to kill a man at a Target store for his Corvette and his intention to kill a police officer.