Rule 63 cosplay rules all for three days in a row! Another lady cosplayer takes on a male character with a little attitude and a lovely face.

Deadpool is known as the Merc with the Mouth in the world of comics -- he'll kick your ass and offer a witty line or four while doing it. The guy never takes off his mask, which makes us wonder what he's hiding under there. Clearly it's something so crazy that he needs to compensate by having a sharp tongue.

This cosplayer, known as Zombie Bit Me, decided to give us her very own take on the notorious mercenary with a spot-on Deadpool costume that includes his signature mask, but don't bet on seeing her wear it very much. We kind of like that she chooses to keep it up on her head because this way you know she's a lady, but she can also give you a little extra sass.

Zombie Bit Me has some great cosplays over on her Facebook page, including Lara Croft (aka Tomb Raider), Catwoman and a badass knight from 'Skyrim,' along with even more photos of her great Deadpool cosplay. Check her (and a fellow cosplayer goofing it up as Spider-Man) out below:

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