Cosplaying as the Ghostbusters is old hat, guys. That's why we think this guy's Louis Tully costume is absolutely inspired.

Louis Tully was immortalized on film by Rick Moranis, a man who should be considered by everyone to be a national treasure. Yes, a national treasure. We said it. He's amazing. Get over it.

Anyway, you probably remember Louis from 'Ghostbusters,' in which he wears this crazy contraption on his head, acts like a doofus and gets possessed by a demon spirit, leading him to go around calling himself "The Keymaster." No one ever cosplays as Louis, and that's a crime.

Meet Dr. Kevin Kemarly, Captain in the United States Air Force Dental Corps. This guy is one of the coolest people we've ever seen while browsing cosplay for you guys on the internet. He put together this great Louis Tully costume, complete with heavily wired colander, and then went to show it off at a bunch of conventions, meeting a couple of cosplaying Ghostbusters and Christopher Lloyd (!!!) along the way.

Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to see one of the best photos we've ever laid eyes on.

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