Disney's beautiful 'Paperman' short comes to life with these two cosplaying lovebirds and a whole lot of paper airplanes.

In Disney's Academy Award-winning animated short 'Paperman,' two office workers meet and sparks fly -- but that's not the only thing flying. The man struggles all day to toss paper airplanes in to the office building of the young woman when he discovers she works nearby. But when that doesn't work and he's only left with the piece of paper on which she left a bright red lipstick kiss mark, he has no choice but to leave his wooing in the hands of fate. And the results are hilarious and unimaginably cute.

So it's no surprise that Wendy and Chris' cosplay of this sweet short film is equally as charming and adorable to behold. The pair go all black and white (with the occasional splash of romantic red) to recreate the film, and the results will make you fall in love all over again.

Check out some pics of Wendy and Chris below, courtesy of Albert Lien, or head over to his Flickr page for the entire shoot.

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