Christian Ponder may have a somewhat spotty performance record with the Minnesota Vikings, (according to Ben anyway, I really wouldn't know, I hate football as I may have mentioned four or five-hundred times over the years) but what I do know is he has a great big heart.

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A Minnesota family grieving the loss of their wife and mom from a car accident earlier this month got a lovely surprise from Christian and his wife Samantha during a mall shopping trip. Justin Robbins took his daughters Emily and Brianna shopping at their mom Maggie's favorite store, Lululemon, in an effort to cheer them up.

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9-year-old Brianna recognized Ponder immediately, her dad offered encouraging words to the struggling quarterback and they took pictures together, which the Robbins family then posted to Facebook. During the encounter the girls shared the story about their mom with the Ponders. Their dad told them their mom sent them this surprise from heaven.

While the Robbins family was busy on Facebook, Christian and Sam Ponder told the store manager they wanted to buy the girls whatever they wanted. The Lululemon store manager told Justin the store wanted to buy his girls some clothes but finally fessed up that it was indeed the Ponders who wanted to pick up the tab.

Justin and his daughters were thrilled at the amazing act the kindness. I'm just thrilled that there is still good news to report about some NFL players, particularly this one!