The NFL announced the teams that will host games as part of the NFL International Series in London and Mexico City. Minnesota won't host, but there is a chance they could be the road team.

Jacksonville, LA Rams, LA Chargers, Oakland, and Tampa Bay will host games next season as part of the NFL International Series in London and Mexico City. The league did not announce specifically which city those five teams will host a game in. Prior history would indicate that the Jaguars will likely play in London (2013-2018), and the Raiders (2016, 2017) would play in Mexico City.

The Minnesota Vikings won't be hosting any game in a different country, but they could potentially be a part of the NFL International Series. The NFL schedule rotation has the NFC North lined up with the NFC East and AFC West for 2019. The NFC North common opponents will be to host a team from the NFC South and travel to a team in the NFC West based on division standings.

With the schedule formula, we can eliminate three of the potential International Series games. Minnesota will not travel to Tampa Bay (but they could host them based on division standings), the Vikings will host the Raiders, and they will not play Jacksonville in 2019.

As of today (December 12), we cannot officially take the LA Rams off of the list but it is very close. The only way the Vikings would play the Rams next year is if the Vikings win the NFC North this season. LA has already won the NFC West, and they will host the team that wins the NFC North next season.

So that leaves just one possibility. Minnesota could potentially be a part of the NFL International Series against the LA Chargers. The Chargers are set to host the Vikings next season, and the two teams meet once every four seasons. Traditionally the NFL schedules AFC/NFC games for its International Series lineup, so the chances of this happening are somewhat decent. If the NFL abides by prior tradition, it would either be the Vikings or Packers that would play that game.

In the event that the game against the Chargers isn't in London or Mexico City, Minnesota would play them in Los Angeles as scheduled.

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