The deadline for a budget deal is getting closer, and a lot of America is wondering what will happen.

Across-the-board budget cuts will affect just about everyone, and while not many people will dispute the need for budget-cutting, the way the so-called "sequestration" cuts would be made could have a huge impact.

I saw something over the weekend that speculated about which party would be hurt the most by the impact, and I thought that pretty much summed it up.

It seems Washington is more worried about the politics than anything else. As I've said so many times, compromise or bipartisanship in Washington will generally mean "You and your side come over to my side's way of thinking, or we'll cut you off at the knees."

And being just a handful of years away from Social Security and Medicare, I've been paying into that system for forty years, and I don't want to reach retirement age and find out it was all one big Ponzi scheme.

I know they aren't part of it yet, but it could come to that as well.

So along with everyone else, we'll just wait to see what happens, and hope for the best. Or hope for something.