It's 1990 and the number one country music song in the nation is a tune called 'Walk On Faith'. The artist is a singer/songwriter by the name of Mike Reid.

Mike Reid. Where have I heard that name before?

Well, if you're a National Football League fan (and apparently everyone is!) or a college football fan, you've heard the name Mike Reid on television.

And Mike wasn't just a guy who 'made the team' (although that would be cool enough). No, Mike played his college football at Penn State and then went on to play 5 seasons in the NFL with the Cincinnati Bengals. And he was much more than a 'I made the team!' player, Mike was, in fact, All Pro 2 seasons in a row. Then, after 5 great seasons, he retired.

Well, not retired completely. He moved on into the music world and I guess you could say he became an All Pro again!

You see, Mike wrote the tune that won the Grammy for Country Song of the Year in 1984, Ronnie Milsap's classic 'Stranger In My House'. And then Mike went to the top himself.

His 'Walk On Faith' became a number one hit in 1990.

So you see, there is a country music/sports connection. From the gridiron to the studio, Mike Reid is a big part of music...and football.

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