This holiday season, Christmas Decor will be bringing a little extra holiday spirit into the homes of military families with its 'Covert Ops Decorated Military Family'.

With more than 300,000 American soldiers deployed overseas this holiday season, families across the nation are facing the challenge of preparing for the holidays without their loved ones. Christmas Decor has stepped in to light up the homes of the families of these brave men and women.

You can nominate a deserving military family in our community by filling out the nomination form below. Tell us why the family should become a 'Covert Ops Decorated Military Family.' Winners are awarded based on the impact of their story on the judges.

The winning family will have their home completely decorated - without their knowledge as part of a covert operation! Imagine their surprise when they return to a home of Christmas Decor.

The deadline for nominations is November 21st to ensure proper time to prepare and plan for the wonderful gift of lights.