The Dallas Cowboys had two key players go down this week, Dez Bryant suffered a concussion during practice and Tony Romo went down with a back injury during the first possession against the Seahawks in their preseason game.

Does this bring reasonable concern for these two players? If you look at their injury history, it should concern you.

Last season Bryant had a broken foot that required surgery and kept him out 9 regular season games. In 2012, he broke his index finger and required surgery during the offseason. Bryant was placed on IR his rookie year after breaking his ankle and requiring surgery in 2010, he missed four regular season games.

While a concussion is not going to keep him out as long as other injuries, it can be concerning because of the potential repetition that can occur. Doctors say that once you have one mild concession you're way more likely to have more. I'm concern with this being a lingering issue for Bryant especially with how physical he plays.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Romo has also missed significant time the past couple of season. Last year Romo played in only four games because of a repeated collarbone issue. The year before he missed week nine after taking a knee to the back and have two breaks in his transverse process.

In April of 2013, Romo had minor surgery to remove a cyst in his back and missed minicamp. Then during week 16 of the 2013 season he was sacked and suffered a herniated disc in his back that require surgery. He missed the final game of the season against the Eagles that decided the NFC East Champion. The Cowboys lost 22-24 and missed the playoffs that season.

Romo has just been a flat out injury risk every season the past couple years. Then going down in a preseason game with a "minor" injury is a big red flag when he's had multiple back injuries in the past. A minor injury to an already beaten up area of the boy is obviously not going to heal or respond the same way as a body part unabused.

Now maybe they're just minor issues with both players but if I'm a fan or fantasy owner I'm concern. Two players with history of serious injuries going down in preseason is not settling for me, especially when it's your two offensive playmakers.