A brand new trailer for Crimson Dragon debuted at Tokyo Game Show, giving prospective Xbox One fans a look at the dragons they'll encounter when the game is released.

Microsoft Studios, Grounding and Land Ho!'s upcoming spiritual successor to the Panzer Dragoon series finally has a good bit of gameplay to show off. What's more is that we get hints of the story as well.

It seems like we'll follow the adventures of settlers as they try to make a new life on the planet Draco. But in order to make this new planet their home, they'll have to wrench it from the grasp of the many dragons that inhabit it, especially the gigantic white beast that lives beneath the planet's crust.

Crimson Dragon will launch with the Xbox One on Nov. 22 for $19.99. If you get it before Dec. 31, you can get access to an exclusive dragon to use in-game.