A local Sioux Falls woman came out of a local Ace Hardware store to find a very cruel message left on the windshield of her car.

According to Danielle Rezac she knows who left the note, but was unable to confront them:


After the picture was posted on Facebook, people were quick to respond and come to Danielle's defense. WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE

After this bulling Danielle responded with:

To the two guys who put this note on my car Monday night I say...thank you. Because of your incredible act of viciousness and cruelty I finally got the fire lit in my soul to do something about my weight. The universe put me in the path of these two miserable excuses for humans in order to ignite that fire and motivate me. Today is day one of the Sanford Profile plan for me and the journey starts here.

Some very small and insecure people just don't feel themselves at full strength unless they are hurting someone else.  God Bless you Danielle.