In a story that you just have to think is a joke by reading the headline, unfortunately isn't for the Chicago Cubs.

A lawsuit was filed against the Chicago Cubs by the father of the plaintiff who is a lifelong Cubs fan claiming that the Cubs have violated the American's with Disabilities Act by not providing better wheelchair access.

The plaintiff has muscular dystrophy and accuses the Cubs of moving the wheelchair access after the renovations at Wrigley Field were completed.

Not only did they move the location according to the lawsuit, the Cubs actually moved people with a wheelchair to a "standing room only" section.

If true, it has to be one of the strangest decisions I have ever seen by an organization to actually say, "ya let's move a wheel chair section to the standing room only area because that makes sense and no one will have a problem with it".

We will see how this play out, but it certainly is a black eye for the Cubs and Wrigley Field.