ESPN's Dario Melendez joins Jeff Thurn on Friday's edition of Overtime. 

Is it a surprise to Melendez that the Green Packers are 5.5 point favorites against the Dallas Cowboys because of Aaron Rodgers' calf injury?

"No because I don't think Rodgers is really that injured. After being in Milwaukee for a couple of years, Mike McCarthy likes to play games. He likes to play mind games. He will leave guys on injured reserve a lot to mess with the other teams pshyche. I mean Aaron Rodgers...he's had, what a week and a half to rest it. He will be probably be not as mobile, but he's still Aaron Rodgers. And then to go to Green Bay, and again this is another dome team going into the elements and it is tough to play it out there. It is going to be very cold and very physical. The Packers are really binding that group, really getting started with Eddie Lacy. Finally getting the ball to their big back, the second year guy out of Alabama. He's making moves and running really well. And that's actually helping the offensive line, who can be more aggressive because they are pass blocking all the time. Let's just say if you stop the run, now you have Aaron Rodgers throwing to Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, or whoever wants to turn into an All-Pro receiver or tight end. I just don't see, yes the Cowboys have been really hot. Run game, obviously travel well, offensive line is very good, but in the elements it is going to be tough when Clay Matthews gets DeMarco Murray a couple of times, it's not going to be good."

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