"ANY Room - ANY Floor - ANY Budget"

These guys love floors. They love helping people find the right floor for any room. That's why these two brothers, Dave & Gene opened a better floor covering store and put their names on it. Dave & Gene's Flooring America.

When they were younger both Dave & Gene worked at other floor covering stores and didn't like everything they saw. They knew that people weren't always happy with their floor covering selection because someone had sold them something that wasn't going to wear well. Or they weren't always happy with the installation. That's when they decided they'd open Dave & Gene's Flooring America just off the Tea Exit. They hire and train men and women that also want to be real Floor Covering Specialists.

Look, there are a lot of floor covering stores you could buy from. Some are shouting, "You can't buy it CHEAPER anywhere else." In the Blink of an Eye…your "Cheap" New Floor Covering can look like it's many years old. You know what I mean. It has wrinkles in it, it looks worn and even the color has faded. Dave & Gene have an "Honest Policy." They always tell a customer if they insist on buying a cheaper grade of floor covering what they can expect. No surprises.

QUESTIONS? Dave & Gene and their Team of Floor Covering Specialists ask you a lot of Questions. This helps them show you the floor covering that will LOOK the best in your selected room, WEAR the best in that room and FIT in your budget.

Just a few of the questions they'll ask you are:

  • What room are you putting this floor covering in?
  • What type of floor covering were you thinking you'd like to put down?
  • Wood, Carpet, Vinyl, Ceramic or Laminate?
  • How much traffic does this room get?
  • Will your kids be playing on this floor?

They don't just ask a lot of questions…they'll make sure they answer ALL of your questions too. They take all the time you need so you're happy and confident your new floor covering.

Led by: Dave Serck


"We are dedicated to satisfying you every step of the way."