Even Dead Rising 3 can't escape the pure awesomeness of a Mega Man X suit to use against the undead masses. A new trailer shows protagonist Nick Ramos tearing up the streets with the X-Buster.

According to Polygon, beating the game on Nightmare mode will unlock the iconic Mega Man X outfit and let Nick run around and blast zombies with the X-Buster.

Producer Mike Jones told Polygon, "Dead Rising is one of those games where parody is baked into the DNA. It's cool to be able to leverage other Capcom games as well as just putting stuff in the world whether it be vehicles or weapons. It works well."

You can see the suit in action in the trailer above as Nick decimates both zombies and objects in the environment with the X-Buster, turning things like trucks into veritable bombs.

Attempt to beat the game on Nightmare mode and unlock the Mega Man X suit when Dead Rising 3 launches with the Xbox One on Nov. 22.