We found out this week that the new Vikings stadium will be called US Bank Stadium. Deadspin was also able to get some unauthorized photos of the construction process.

Scott Heins, of the popular sports website Deadspin, decided a few nights ago to get a few shots of the new facility. According to Heins, he was able to sneak into the stadium grounds at night with his camera and took a wide variety of pictures.

The risk has certainly paid off. Heins managed to grab some amazing shots of the construction process in the inside of the stadium. The process on the outside looks like the stadium is coming together, but the same doesn't seem to be as true on the inside.

Granted we saw this with the construction of the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center. The outside seemed to go up quick but the inside took a while to put together, as expected. Overall, I'm excited for what this stadium will become. US Bank Stadium is scheduled to open before the 2016 NFL Season, which gives the construction crew another 14 months to finish the job.

To see all of the photos taken inside of US Bank Stadium, click here. The photography itself is quite amazing.